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Ball-Jointed Troll

I’ve been making attempts at a ball-jointed doll again.  Again, because I think this is my third attempt.  One and two didn’t even make it off the starting line, pro tip- sculpey hates pipe cleaner fibres.  They repel each other by some man-made plastic force unknown to me.


She is a sort of troll girl.  I started with her head and threaded her very long woolen hair.  This is the best part as far as i’m concerned.  I’ve gotten as far as her limbs now and I find the prospect of making arms and legs very boring.  She does need some though…


The good news is I’ve strung her with elastic in sections and everything is holding together ok.  I don’t expect the elastic to be near strong enough to stand her up, but holding together and a little posing would be nice.

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