I love Gold, Mr Bond.

Gold leaf was surely sent to us by the devil.  It is shiny and beautiful, but it is the most annoying damned thing you will ever work with!

I finished a new scraperboard picture.  I used a reference for the girl from a vintage art photo, my favourite kind of stock.  My technique for the gold pattern on her dress needs a lot of work, and I was really just experimenting on this one.  Still, although the pattern didn’t come out quite as detailed as I had imagined, it did come out looking interestingly random, quite unique.  I like it!

Was considering putting this into a wee exhibition but not sure if it’s good enough.  I had a long break from scratch board before this and I think I was a little rusty; the scratch could be nicer.  Unfortunately this was my last big board.  My next lot of board to use are quite small, less than A5.   So not sure what they will be used for yet.


About Shona

23 (not for long) newly qualified pharmacist and budding artist living in Aberdeen. I dabble in a bit of everything; acrylics, watercolours and ink and lots of scratchy scraper board.

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